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Getting your health insurance fund is not an easy feat. This is why a health insurance plan is important to consider when looking for a job. Working with such a health insurance in the absence, you will be inspired to search for an alternative – health sharing plan; A medical sharing plan for healthcare members.

Health sharing plans are primarily for people who do not have health insurance, on the job or just want experience. They are not necessarily as popular as traditional health insurance plans. However, they are a good option to protect yourself and your family.

Nevertheless, the number of healthcare members has increased, hence, the motivation behind this post on 10 medical sharing plans.
How does the Ministry of Health Sharing work?

So, basically, everyone in the ministry pays a certain amount every month. This is called “annual personal liability” or “unshared amount”. Think of it as a discount on a regular health insurance program.

Generally, you will need to show your health shared membership card when you arrive for identification.

However, if your medical bill exceeds a certain amount, the costs are shared among the members of your ministry. And, if you need to pay cash to some doctors or medical providers, the ministry will pay you.
Do all health sharing plans embrace families?

Yes, all health sharing plans in this post embrace families although each adult must meet specific planning requirements.

Fees are usually paid based on the number of people who have signed up and on any other basis described by the health sharing plan.
Can I sign up for both traditional health insurance and a health sharing plan?

Honestly, it will definitely cost a fortune, however, it is very possible to register for traditional health insurance and a health sharing plan.

On some sites, such as Liberty Health Care, it is specified that some registered members sign up to help others and may not be close to submitting a bill.
What if I have pre-existing conditions?

While some medical sharing plans may not offer you eligibility for the first year of your membership, some may not cover pre-existing conditions.

So, make sure you check directly from the Ministry of Health Sharing and read the fine print.

In the end, it is different from each health-sharing ministry.
Medical Sharing Plan

Here is a list of some of the best medical sharing plans:
# 1. Zion Health

Zion Health was founded in 2019 by Nathan Udi who is an entrepreneur and a business owner. He was honored for his expertise in the insurance industry with over a decade of experience in managing healthcare plans. Nathan founded Zion Health to provide the best health sharing experience for its members.

With a 4.9-star rating, Zion Health offers great value, a user-friendly website, fast processing of needs and unlimited sharing.

Zion Health is a brand new healthcare based in Utah that offers direct primary care subscriptions.

Although Zion Healthcare shares some similarities with other healthcare ministries, it is different because you pay that monthly portion yourself before sharing the medical bill.

Considering how cheap it is, it is bound to be different considering the unlimited sharing as well as the direct primary care membership it provides.

Zion Health offers different types of membership. They have a plan for single person, family and individuals and a plan for work
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Another advantage of this healthcare is the ease of signup. Once you have completed the process you are fully signed up online. You do not have to accept any confirmation calls because they accept all applications. You will receive a digital ID card and a welcome letter.

However, like the lack of member portals, Zion Health also has some flaws. Although they are known to be working on one.

From the 4.9-star rating, it is clear that this is an impressive healthcare program because most members are satisfied and highly recommend it.
Sion Health
# 2. OneShare Health

The OneShare Health Sharing Plan promises to show God’s love and loyalty to its members. To become a member, you must agree with the basic biblical principles concerning life, health, and the care of others, as set out in the statement of faith.

OneShare offers a variety of plans, including a variety of price ranges that members can choose from. Members should make a monthly contribution and share each other’s medical bills to celebrate mutual love and respect for each other.

These plans encourage its members to choose their contribution and type of coverage.

Signing up is easy and can be done anytime via e-mail, phone call or social media. However, some people are healthy

Reported to have received misleading information from the service.

However, this healthcare sharing program is flawed with costly costs of $ 5,000, $ 7,500, and $ 10,000 per year for different ISA levels.

Lastly, with a 3.9 star rating, they only offer great programs for emergencies, more frequent treatment needs and planning for the whole family.