The 10 most peaceful countries in the world 2022

In this volatile world, there are some countries which are called the land of peace. The weather, climate and nature are all peaceful. If you want to get out of the noise and spend some time in peace, you can come back from these peaceful countries.

The countries with the lowest index in the world peace index get the status of peaceful countries. Here are 10 of the most peaceful countries in the world:


Iceland is said to be the most peaceful country in the world. Iceland is one of the rare countries in the world where there is no army. There are Coast Guard forces for security. The military sector is a costly country with only 0.13 percent of the total expenditure.

New Zealand:

New Zealand is the second largest island nation in the world peace index. Due to the country’s strong and independent judiciary, there has never been a heated debate over political or international relations.


Portugal is one of the most peaceful and attractive countries in the world. Portugal is one of the oldest cities in Europe in terms of peace and security. The oldest library in the world is located in Portugal.


Central European country Austria is in the fourth place in the list of peace. Surrounded by mountains, the city covers an area of ​​63,858 sq km and is home to about 600,000 people. Austria is naturally one of the most peaceful countries in the world as it is rich in per capita income.


Denmark is considered one of the happiest countries in the world due to its low level of corruption. That is why Denmark ranks fifth in the world peace index. Citizens of Denmark have access to free medical treatment and education.

Czech Republic:

The Czech Republic, a European country, ranks 8th in terms of being completely safe for citizens and tourists. In addition, the rate of violence and corruption in the country is much lower. The country’s capital, Prague, is said to be one of the most scenic cities in Europe.


This peaceful country is located in Central Europe compared to other neighboring countries. The people of Slovenia are very friendly, which is a good thing for tourists. It ranks seventh in the world peace index.


Canada is the most peaceful country in North America. The government of the country attaches utmost importance to providing maximum security to the people. The unemployment rate in the country is also very low, only 7.6 percent.


Known as the city of clean peace, Switzerland ranks ninth in the global peace index. The people of this country use more eco-friendly items to keep the country clean. The country is also called a ‘tax haven’ because of its low tax rates.


The Pacific island nation of Japan ranks tenth in the global peace index. Japan, a technologically advanced country, is at the top in terms of cleanliness. Japan also has friendly relations with neighboring countries.