Extensions for downloading music in Google Chrome 2022

Now Google Chrome, the world’s most famous browser, as a result, a lot of extensions are released for it, which affects the general functionality of the program. There are special plugins whose main purpose is to add an option to download music from different sites. Some of these utilities only work with specific web resources, others try to capture all possible hosts. Next, we want to talk to you in more detail about the most popular music download solutions, so that you can explore them and choose the one that works best for you.

SaveFrom net can now be considered as one of the most common browser extensions as a whole. It allows you to download videos and music from various sites, such as Rouyub, YouTube, Vikontakte and Odnoklassniki. Users can choose the format before downloading, so even a single music track can be downloaded in MP3 format. These allow you to use SaveFrom.net every day without any hassle.

However, it is clear that the add-ons have already been removed from the official Chrome Store, and even the developers report them. They also reviewed the installation instructions because new users are often confused about the order. At the moment, the SaveFrom.net application is scripted and installed bundled with the Meddalmonkey plugin. You can read more about it on the official Meddalonki page by clicking on the link below.

Download SaveFrom net
Download helper

DownloadHelper is another universal extension that works with almost all popular music streaming sites. The principle of this tool is somewhat different from the one we described above, because it does not add individual buttons for download, but instead captures the main menu of the play song. That is, you need to start playing the track first and then go to the DownloadHelp menu. There the related records are selected and other parameters are set such as file format. Then the automatic download starts in the standard download storage folder.

DownloadHelp developers also recommend using your own application for your computer, so that logs will be directed to download. It is not always convenient to use, since the same operations are performed directly in the browser without any problems. However, if you always plan to download, you should take a look at the program to make the process of getting some music easier.

Download Download Help

As a next supplement, we suggest you take a look at Mediasav. It works on almost the same principle as the previous one. When enabled on a specific site, MediaSave searches for audio recordings and then offers to download the resulting content. Here you have all the information about the tracks including size, format and bit rate. Additionally, there are settings that allow you to configure it for specific sites, where you can disable the extension or place the menu in one part of the browser window.

For the rest, MediaSave has almost no features, but it is worth considering that the utility supports most audio formats, thus accurately identifying content from almost any site. Read the full description of the application and download it from the official Chrome Store by clicking on the link below.

Download MediaSav from the Google Web Store
Music downloader

Now we are going to talk about a fairly standard extension called Music Downloader. It works on the principle of determining the song that is currently playing on the tab. If the extension works in active mode, during playback you can open its menu by clicking on the icon at the top of the browser and immediately select the track to download. Automatic download will start and the MP3 file will be placed in the standard download folder.

Note that Music Downloader communicates well with almost all popular services where good music playback is available. Sometimes social network issues are monitored on the contact, but in most cases they are resolved by reloading the page and resuming playback. We can confidently recommend this app to their users who want to get good quality songs in their local storage as soon as possible.