How To Clean Your Laptop And Computer Keyboard

Dust, food scraps and keys that are occasionally stuck after the cocaine has spread are usually stuck. At the same time, the keyboard is probably the most important part of the peripheral or laptop. This manual explains in detail how to clean your own keywords from dust, cat hair and other delicacies involved.

There are several ways to clean the keyboard, the benefits of which depend on what happens to you. However, regardless of the method used, the first thing to do is disconnect the keyboard and if it is a laptop, turn it off completely, unplug it and do so if the battery can disconnect from it.

Clean of dust and dirt

Keyboard dust is the most common and can make typing unpleasant. However, it is quite easy to clean the dust on the keyboard. To remove dust from the surface of the keyboard, simply use a soft furniture brush, you can use a simple vacuum cleaner (or better car) or compressed air (sold anywhere) to remove the keys. However, if you use the latter method, you will probably be surprised at how much powder you have by blowing up the powder.

Different types of dirt, which present a mixture of hand grease and dust and are particularly noticeable on light keys (dirty color plates), can be removed with isopropyl alcohol (or a cleaning agent and liquid based on it). Never use ethyl alcohol, however, as it can delete dirt as well as keyboard letters and characters.

Soak a cotton swab, just a cotton ball (although it does not reach the place of easy access) or a tissue containing isopropyl alcohol and wipe the keys.
Clean the keyboard of liquid and adhesive residue

After supplying tea, coffee or other liquids to the keyboard, the keys start sticking after pressing them, even though it has no serious consequences. Let’s see how this can be fixed. As mentioned earlier, the first thing to do is unplug the keyboard or de-energize the laptop.

To get rid of key stickiness you need to disconnect the keyboard – at the very least remove the problem keys. First of all, I suggest you take a photo of your keyboard so that you have no doubt about where and which key to paste later.

To disassemble a simple computer keyboard, take a table knife, a screwdriver, and try to lift the key to one corner of the key – it should come out without significant effort.

If you need to disconnect the keyboard from the laptop (separate the key), here, for most layouts, one nail will suffice: take one corner of the key and proceed to the opposite of the same level. Be careful: the locking mechanism is made of plastic and usually looks like the figure below.

After removing the problematic keys, you can clean the keyboard better by removing the top, isopropyl alcohol, a vacuum cleaner – in a nutshell, all the ways described above. As the keys themselves, hot water can be used to clean them. Then wait for the keyboards to dry completely before re-assembling them.

After clearing the last question the keyboard needs to be reconnected ble nothing particularly inconvenient: place them in the correct position and press until you hear a click. Some keys, such as the space bar or the Enter may have metal bases – make sure that the metal part is installed in the designated slot in the key before reassembly.

Sometimes it makes sense to remove all keyboard keys and clean them well – especially if you eat a lot on the keyboard and have popcorn, chips and sandwiches in your diet.

I came to the conclusion here, stay clean and do not pass large germs under your fingers.