Chelsea owner Todd Boheli was spotted at Stamford Bridge with WWE legend John Cena, but Tuchel insisted the third was “a miracle”.

Chelsea owner Todd Bohley was spotted at Stamford Bridge last night with WWE legend John Cena.

The Americans are testing their new investment in London as they end another busy season.

Todd Boheli joins John Cena at Stamford Bridge Credit: Matchday Image Ltd.

Boheli was surprised earlier this month as he watched Chelsea deny a goal in a 2-2 draw with their Wolves.

Last night, flancked by Cena, he saw his new team share the spoils after a tough 1-1 draw against Leicester.

James Madison opened the scoring for the spectators just six minutes later, with Marcos Alonso equalizing half an hour later.

The point seals third place with one game remaining, Tottenham needing three points back and an 18-goal swing.
Cena, 45, may not be happy about it – having previously posed in White Heart Lane in a Tottenham shirt.

The American said a few years ago: “I had a WWE event in London that night Tottenham were playing, but I went and saw the stadium and I was really lucky to be able to walk on the pitch.

“I really liked it because it was in downtown – it reminded me of an old baseball stadium with nostalgia and tradition.

“I heard Spurs being a team of working people, I was able to meet the coach and it was great to see the bright green pitch in the concrete of the city.”

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Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has called N’Golo Kante’s missed many games a “miracle”.

He said: “I think he’s our key, the key player; But what, what, what players have to be on the field.

“He only plays 40 per cent of the games. So it is a miracle that we have reached the third place.

“Because he’s our Mo Salah, he’s our (Virgil) Van Dyk, he’s our (Kevin) De Bruyne, he’s just that player.

“He’s our Neymar, he’s our Kylian Mbappe; He is the man who makes the difference. And if you have 40 percent of him, that’s a huge problem.

“In terms of that percentage, it can be a miracle how consistent we produce results and put everything in perspective.

“Because I saw Liverpool last season without Van Dyke and they fought hard. And you see the difference.

“So N’Golo is our key player, and he needs to be on the field.”

Asked if Kant’s physical problems would ever be sorted out, Tuchel added: “I hope. It’s hard to survive, because it’s important to be there and have the rhythm.

“I think he played well, but he can play very well. He can play very well, but when did his last game start, that was a few weeks ago.

“So he started getting rhythm constantly, then when he got rhythm he got a little hurt and he got out again.

“Think about it, last year he was Man of the Match in the last five Champions League matches.