Liverpool will march to victory even if they lose in the Champions League

And in just 9 days, within this ‘fortune writing’ will become the English giant Liverpool. Apart from the league title, they will also get the result of the Champions League. Whether the result is positive or negative, Liverpool will march for victory!

Liverpool have tasted the FA Cup and Carabo Cup titles so far this season. They have a chance to win two more titles. The people involved in the club are happy! They want to organize a victory procession by May 29. The day before this, the All Reds will play in the final of the Champions League against Real Madrid.

Liverpool won the 2019 Champions League. This time too, no matter what the rate or the result, nothing will be able to keep the club down. Confirming the victory procession, city Mayor Joanne Anderson said, “We are very happy. The Liverpool team must hold a victory procession in the city by May 29. I am very satisfied with the achievements of the women’s and men’s divisions of the team. The whole city is getting ready for the victory procession. ‘

Anderson added, “Winning the FA Cup, the Carabo Cup and the Women’s Champions League is a great honor for us. No matter what happens to the other two titles, the whole team is satisfied with us. We are proud. So we would like to extend a warm welcome to both the men’s and women’s teams. Because I think they deserve it. ”

Liverpool’s league title will be decided on May 22. On the same day, Manchester City, who are one point ahead, will play in the last match of the league against Aston Villa. If City loses or draws, Liverpool will have a chance to win the title. In that case, Mohamed Salah-Sadio Maned will have to win the match against Wolves to taste the title. Citizens have 90 points and Liverpool have 69 points.