How to play the speaker loudly. How to increase the sound volume on Android 2022

Trying to find a way to increase the volume of the speaker on Android, you will probably go to this page.

And rest assured, here you will find this method, not even one.

The best option in this case from the proposed set of methods will help you choose the method of insight or “trial and error”.

Either way, you’ll be happy with the results, but let’s talk about the problem for now.

What do you need to pay attention to?

Noise problems, one way or another, can happen with any device – both budget and quite expensive.

However, the ways to solve these problems are virtually identical, since the software components of the same generation of systems will always remain the same, even if there are some differences.

Accordingly, the minimal differences in the setup process will be further integrated with the features of the version of the operating system.

As for the sound features of the device, it is worth noting that the differences between the sound of an expensive and budget device will still be noticeable.

And not all software tools are able to improve the sound quality of the speaker or based on Android.

Thus, if the noise produced by such speakers is amplified, hardware problems may occur.

For example, the speaker will begin to produce sound at unresolved frequencies, and as a result, external sounds will be heard in the sound, including squeaks, shortness of breath, hoarseness, and, possibly, popping.

Therefore, in the process of selecting the settings, keep in mind that this type of problem may occur and try not to make a mistake to make the device work.
The ideal way to solve problems

Before moving on to the toughest controls on Android, let’s take a look at the rules of standard volume control.

Keep in mind that volume control can be performed globally for both system sound and for individual applications, which is especially important when you seem to have set the sound to full volume, but the composition is played quietly in the media player.

In this situation, everything can be solved mechanically, such as using volume rocker.

You do not need to use it when the desktop is displayed on the screen, but you need to use the specific application while it is running.

For example, in talk mode, the volume will be adjusted specifically for communication and while viewing the gallery – the volume to play the video.

Using this method, most users have come to the conclusion that in some cases the noise of the smartphone is excessive and somewhere – inadequate.
The right way to solve the problem

The second way to adjust the sound is by using other standard tools-software.

Their functionality is limited to a few sections that adjust the volume of the sound:

System sound;
Media file.

It only takes a few steps to get these adjustments. The first step is to find the system application with the name “Settings”.

Regardless of the theme applied, its shortcut looks like a gear.

Hidden inside are hinges, for which you can fine-tune the sound of each section above.

It should be noted that despite the modern interface, the clarity of this compatibility leaves much to be desired.

However, after playing with the hinges, using short and long tapes (including hold), it is not difficult to understand how the app works.

At the same time, if these settings are set to the maximum, it will only be a limitation on the device manufacturer or proprietary developer firmwarebase and to break them, you have to use other methods.

Rice. 2 – Volume control window
Programmatic way of solving problems

When the gadget’s built-in capabilities seem inadequate, the user’s first reaction is to use third-party software tools. There are a great many of them.

But before you hammer in its search “volume booster”, it is worth noting that not all software tools provide complete freedom of action.

Some applications have a rather narrow functionality and only maximize the hardware power of speakers and microphones, which is completely wrong, and a similar result can be achieved with hidden built-in tools, which will be discussed below.

In the meantime, let’s focus on the fact that with an application you can not only improve the sound, but also improve the quality of the reproduced sound for the special software techniques used.

Therefore, it would be more accurate to look for something like an audio center or utility, rather than a volume booster.

Therefore, when choosing these, you must clearly understand which team you are choosing.

To access the volume settings, find “Hardware Test” in the application windows.

Most models allow you to do this by flipping to the side. In the list that appears on the screen, you need to select the “Audio” category.

After that, the adjustment window will be available.

Inside, you must select a value for the drop-down list with a custom mode, which contains the values, and the most important of these is the first:

There is a list of virtual and physical devices for each of them:

FMR – FM radio;
Media – Media Player;
Mike – Microphone

Ring – call;
Sip – network sound;
Sph – spoken speaker;
Sph2 – Additional speakers (not available on all models).

Each of them has different levels of volume starting from zero. For them, the values are set manually.