How to uninstall, uninstall or hide any app on your iPhone or iPad 2022

How do I remove stock, Game Center, Health, Tips, Calendar, Video, Reminders, iBooks, Notes, News, Apple Watch app and other pre-installed Apple stock apps from my iPad or iPhone? And can I permanently uninstall other apps so that they are completely removed from my iTunes account?

These are the questions we often get; We all hate having unwanted app icons on the iPad screen and the iPhone. More seriously, unwanted apps take up space on your iPad or iPhone that may require your apps and media.

Apple has historically prevented iPhone and iPad owners from uninstalling apps installed on their devices: promotions, game centers, etc. This has been the case since January 5, 2016, and you have not yet officially been allowed to remove pre-installed Apple apps. Hide their icons from your iPhone or even (although of course you can put this and another unwanted Apple Gumpoff in a folder on the screen).

But there is hope. First, there are some strategies you can use to get closer to Apple’s restrictions, though they are all incomplete in one way or another – some are temporary, some require a jailbreak iPhone or iPad, others are simple solutions, not real solutions. But Tim Cook noted that the company wants to relax its approach to this issue in the near future (some pre-installed apps, if not all), and we’ll talk a little bit about that perspective in this article.

Here’s how to uninstall, hide or otherwise get rid of unwanted apps and app icons from iPhone and iPad. We’re currently running iOS 9 on our device, but these methods work with iOS 6 or earlier; Eagle-eyed readers noticed that the screenshots came from Different versions of iOS, but the methods remain almost the same. We explain any situation where the interface looks or behaves differently between different versions of iOS.

In addition to talking about uninstalling apps, we’ll briefly talk about how to recover apps you’ve uninstalled, even if that app was removed from the App Store.
How to hide any app on your iPhone or iPad

A new strategy has been discovered that lets you hide any app on your iPhone or iPad, including miraculously, pre-installed Apple apps like Stocks, Newsstand or Apple Watch apps that were previously impossible to get rid of.

Here’s how to uninstall these unwanted apps:

1. Press and hold the icon of the application you want to hide until it appears and all other application icons start shaking. You are now in edit mode, which allows you to drag icons to new locations or delete them by clicking on the gray cross. (If this is a pre-installed application, unfortunately, there will be no gray cross.)

2. Unwanted applications must be in the folder. If it is not already in one, drag its icon to the folder 7 If you do not have a folder, just drag one icon over the other and wait for the folder to be created.

(If the folder contains multiple applications spread across multiple pages, the strategy will take longer, so it will be easier to create a new folder with only the applications you want to hide. In our example, we are using a folder that contains nine Apple applications. Is sitting on the page.)

3. Now go to the folder containing the unwanted application. Again, using the edit mode, drag its icon to the right edge of the folder and wait for it to navigate to the next page of the folder. Keep rehearsing it until you can say it with conviction and confidence. Blank page folder: In many cases, with our example, it will be a new second page.

4. Release your finger so that the icon is automatically positioned at the top left of this page. We now have eight icons on the first page and a second on the second.

We do this in landscape mode on the iPhone 6s Plus to see what’s happening, but if you’re in portrait mode or use a non-plus iPhone that doesn’t have landscape mode, it looks a little different – you’ll only see one page at a time, The first.

5. Now repeat step 3: Drag the icon to the right end of the folder and wait for the icon to sit and create another page for iOS – in our case, it theoretically leaves eight icons on our page 1, on a blank page. 2 and an icon 3 But this time, instead of moving your finger to land the icon on its new page, hold down your finger and press the Home button. The icon will fly to the top left.


It’s gone!

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each application you want to hide; After you deactivate all the applications in the folder, it will also disappear.
How to recover lost apps

Apps are still hidden on your iPhone or iPad. When you restart your iPhone, they will come back. From this it follows that if you want the iDevice to be in an unprotected state then some time

Do not restart it for

The fact that apps are still using storage space on your iPhone or iPad makes it an incomplete solution – and it would be frustrating to see them reappear as soon as you restart. But he at least takes you to the home page and we are still allowed to uninstall the pre-installed Apple app.

Let’s take a look at some more permanent ways to uninstall apps from iPhone or iPad – but keep in mind that getting rid of pre-installed apps can be difficult if you don’t want jailbreak.
How to uninstall an app or game from iPad or iPhone (but not Apple pre-installed app)

Okay, let’s move on to the basic process of uninstalling the apps added to your iPhone or iPad since it was first activated. This will not work on pre-installed apps installed on devices in the Apple factory. (This is really for beginners. If you know how it works, go to the next step.)

Turn on your iPhone or iPad and go to the main screen (press the home button at the bottom of the screen, or touch the five fingers of the screen and draw inwards like a fingernail.) Find the icon of the application you want to uninstall and press and hold it for a few seconds. . It (and all the other icons on the screen) will start to shake slightly and a small cross will appear as a gray circle. Press cross, then make sure you want to uninstall the app.