Why does the watch industry still survive?

If you want to say the art of making mechanical watches: display resources.

Outside of a few small niche applications, the watch displays an asset. They have little to do with time, and peacocks have a lot to do with it. They display resources.

The modern watch is jewelry, not function. It’s functional jewelry, but that’s it.

Obviously, there are some limited applications where the watch is still a thing as part of a real time, while there are other issues with a smartphone that prevent it from being used. The military is significant here.

But other than that, most modern watches don’t have the utility as the exact top line item.

For men in particular, watches are still a socially acceptable form of display of wealth, class, sophistication or just style in a world where there are not many outlets available in most social circles.

And the modern watch market is getting better and better. (Roughly) Cheap but very attractive timepieces are available from many small watch manufacturers.

Why not?

No, the watch is not just a status symbol. No, it’s not just “jewelry”.

Most people do not appreciate that a watch does not let you know the exact time.

It provides an easy way to mentally see how much time is left in the future up to the instant of a certain period of time.

Example: The meeting hall is a 3:15

Quickly look at your watch in your hand, and bingo: 2 quarters and 5 minutes left (yes, it’s 2:40). Nothing to push, nothing to count, just a little wrist movement takes a millisecond to visually count how much time is left in your meeting

I have a watch and I will buy another one if it dies.

A friend of mine wrote for a magazine that has expensive watches and he even went to at least one international event dedicated to a premium watch brand.

I asked him, “How come expensive watch brands host such big events?”

His answer? “Because a wristwatch is the only jewelry that men can wear that is generally acceptable.”

So while women have their rings, bracelets (and watches), brooches, earrings and necklaces, the focus of men is the wrist watch.

He had a point. The only thing I wear to announce my fashion statement is my watch. It’s not expensive but I really like the look of the watch I wear. I use a Citizen Echo Drive (solar powered quartz analog). I’m planning to get another Echo Drive with a different design but still making the same statement.